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Blue Jay Press

Blue Jay Press

This is a new independent publishing house, established in May 2019. 

If you have a story for the world and are interested in submitting your work, please get in touch. 


Blue Jay Press has been created by Charlotte Safieh. She is passionate about publishing and wants to get important and interesting stories out into the world.

A Cry for the Ocean is her first story to be published, and she choose to do it through setting up her own publishing company, and hopes this will be the first of many Blue Jay Press books, both her own and other authors.

Charlotte is a teacher by profession, and has many years of experience working with children, teaching them creative writing and publishing their stories as chapter books. For more information on her creative writing projects in schools please visit

Here's an excerpt from an interview with Charlotte Safieh at Indie Children's Authors Connection about her recent publication.

  • What is your favorite memory from reading as a child?

Charlotte Safieh: My favourite memory from reading as a child was reading Gerald Durrell and following his adventures collecting exotic animals from exciting far away countries. Something that would not be allowed anymore! I recently learned that he was very influential in changing how we manage zoos, so that instead of simply being a source of entertainment we are protecting endangered species and learning more about their natural environment and behaviour.

  • Who was your favorite author and how did they influence you?

Charlotte Safieh: My favourite writer for children is Roald Dahl. He is very entertaining and irreverent with such a unique imagination. I also love Barbara Kingsolver, and I’m just reading her new book “Unsheltered” which is a remarkable story that can tell us so much about our current time and the challenges we face with our poor treatment of the natural environment.

  • What subjects would you like to write about in future projects?

Charlotte Safieh: I would like to continue to write stories about the natural world to help children to understand how important it is to protect nature and wildlife. Maybe Sukara can go on to do more great things in the future!


Blue Jay Press

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