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A Cry for the Ocean - A Magical Children's Picture Book about Plastic Pollution in the Ocean - Published August 2019

Published in the UK and Canada.



A girl named Sukara is at the beach and discovers a mermaid who is upset about the damage that plastic is wreaking on her home. She is distraught and crying. Then, to her horror, the mermaid discovers that even her tears are plastic. She shows Sukara what is happening in the ocean because of plastic pollution. Sukara starts crying, and they discover something magical about humans that can save the oceans. Sukara embarks on a quest to share what she knows.


Story of the Story

A Cry for the Ocean was written 6 years ago when I read about the plastic collecting in the ocean in the gyres. I was shocked to see what we were doing to our ocean. I researched the subject more, and wanted to write a story about what I discovered. The spark that created this story was when I read that 'Mermaids' Tears' is a term beachcombers use to describe the tiny pieces of plastic that result from weathered, larger pieces of plastic. Recently, the sad situation in the oceans has become much more publicized, and I'm happy to see the momentum gathering to prevent plastic from being produced and thrown away at the current rate. I hope this story inspires everyone to know that once we care enough about saving the ocean, we are one step away from making that a reality. And yes, we should shed a few tears along the way! 

I hope this book will raise awareness of the plight of the ocean, and create more hope that we have it within ourselves to repair the damage we have done.


"A Cry for the Ocean" by Charlotte Safieh, is a story for our times. The overwhelming destruction of our ocean through plastic pollution is a heavy topic for anyone to digest but she has woven a poignant and whimsical parable binding this harsh reality of ocean pollution with the magic of the mermaid world. It is the special connection with a mermaid that helps our young protagonist Sukara see the trouble the ocean creatures are in as they struggle with all the insidious kinds of plastic pollution, including the mermaid's very own tears. What could become an overwhelming moment is transformed by Sukara's empathy and motivates her to create a ripple of change that transforms the whole world. This book is an important reminder that children are our future and the need for empathy and empowerment is crucial for positive environmental change." Rose Tavelli, Screenwriter

"A brilliant eye opener to our plastic problem, and a great page turner." Tilly, Kids4Climate Founder.

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Available as Softcover or Hardcover. 

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