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Like the blue jay, at Blue Jay Press we are curious, intelligent and fearless. We want to tell stories that need to be heard and we want to attract attention with our taste for all things impeccable.


A Cry for the Ocean Virtual Author Visits for the classroom -

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“It was great having Charlotte Safieh visit our school. The students got a lot out of the book and the subsequent conversations.”

 School Librarian, Etobicoke, Ontario

“I liked the metaphor of the power of caring, and how the main character made such a big difference.” 

Grade 6 student, Toronto, Ontario

“This is my favourite book!”

Year 2 student, London, UK.

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We are excited to announce our first publication. A children's picture book about plastic pollution, A Cry for the Ocean.

Available in soft or hardcover.

"This book is an important reminder that children are our future, and the need for empathy and empowerment is crucial for positive environmental change."

Rose Tavelli - Children's screenwriter

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This is a beautifully illustrated children's book about the dire state of the world's oceans. Ideally it should be part of school libraries, a part of the reading curriculum. While tears will not literally dissolve the plastic accumulating in our oceans, it will bring awareness to the problem both among small children, and the adults who will read it to them. ****

My nieces are getting to the age where they are interested in animals. I wanted something to pique their interest in both animals and the environment we create. This beautiful book does exactly that. Well written and educational, with exceptional illustrations, the kids loved reading the book. Hopefully, they will apply their new-found knowledge to everyday life. *****



A girl named Sukara is at the beach and discovers a mermaid who is upset about the damage that plastic is wreaking on her home. She is distraught and crying. Then, to her horror, the mermaid discovers that even her tears are plastic. She shows Sukara what is happening in the ocean because of plastic pollution. Sukara starts crying, and they discover something magical about humans that can save the oceans. Sukara embarks on a quest to share what she knows.


Recently, the sad situation in the oceans has become much more publicized, and some momentum is gathering to prevent plastic from being produced and thrown away at the current rate. 

The hope is this book will help to increase awareness of the plight of the ocean, and create more hope that we have it within ourselves to repair the damage we have done.

Working with incredibly talented illustrator Tamara Piper, this is a beautiful picture book with colourful and touching illustrations. Accompanying the book is a collection of teaching resources and activities for teachers and parents that is available on this website to download. 

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